Company Introduction

The company is a member unit of the China Association for Automobile Standardization, National Industrial Brand Construction Pilot Enterprise, Provincial demonstration enterprise for innovation and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, Provincial Gazelle Enterprise, National high-tech enterprise, Provincial small and medium-sized enterprises "Invisible Champion" enterprise, Provincial high-end brand cultivation enterprise, Provincial Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Shandong Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center, etc, 2022 Listed as "Haopin Shandong" brand.
  2016 New Trailer "Robot welding production line" , 2017 New Year "Electrophoretic coating production line" , 2019 New national standard issued in the year "Axle automation production line" , And the new national standard "Automatic production line for disc brakes" , 2020 New Trailer Vehicle "Intelligent assembly production line" , And for six consecutive years, the production and sales of a single factory have taken the lead.
  Since its establishment, Luoxiang Automobile has, with "Customer First solidarity struggle loyal" Guided by the core values of the enterprise, insist on "Leading by technology, Driven by innovation, Seeking Market with Quality" Development principles of, Always regard innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, Continuously accelerating the pace of technological innovation, The Luoxiang Automotive Research Institute has been established, Shanghai R&D Center, Jinan R&D Center, Postdoctoral workstations and other scientific research platforms, Existing R&D personnel 180 More than people, R&D Building 8000 Multiple square meters, R&D equipment 1000 Remaining sets, Obtaining national authorized patents 200 Remaining items, Having leading technological advantages in the industry.
  Enterprises and Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Shandong Machinery Design and Research Institute, etc 10 Long term cooperation between multiple higher education institutions and research units, Centralized application of new materials, new technique, New process, Optimize and improve multiple key parts of the trailer, Independently developed compressed garbage transport vehicle, tipping chassis , Warehouse grid transport special vehicle, Gooseneck container transport vehicles, etc 30 Multiple new products.